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EOS Specific Industrial Solutions SA was founded in 2012, providing advanced solutions for industrial automation systems and industrial networks in a wide range of manufacturing industries.

The headquarters of EOS is located in Perea Thessaloniki, it also has a branch office at Olympiada of Halkidiki with workplace and accommodation facilities for the engineers.

The company is basically an engineering company, focused on the optimization, reliability and high efficiency of the projects it implements. EOS Engineering technical team is made up of automation engineers with experience in control system projects more than 10 years. At the same time, EOS has structured a significant network of selected and tested external partners in order to implement any scale industrial automation work in Greece and abroad.

EOS tailored to the needs of customers gives the utmost importance to the management of projects. It uses procedures as well as special applications to continuously monitor the progress of projects and optimize the use of its resources at all stages of project implementation. This function ensures that the project schedules are adhered to and at the same time ensures the high quality of the projects. EOS Engineers, beyond the know-how in the implementation of automation systems, have a long and successful experience managing both small and large-scale integrated projects.

Head office

Branch Olympiada