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EOS approaches projects in the most rational, cost-effective way. EOS carefully examines the operational and technical requirements of each project, regardless of its size, in order to shape and offer a perfect solution that meets the needs, secures future prospects combined with optimizing performance in relation to the cost of the project. It implements technologies that are advanced but also tested. The software platform must be stable and tested. Technologies that will be chosen as the best solution beyond quality should also have the equivalent performance to meet future needs, ie scalability, and ultimately ensure investment, that is, the longevity of the Equipment and Software platform. Selected technologies should ensure the project’s longevity, with its constant improvements and adaptations, for the new needs created. The implementation of similar projects, which is a long process and course, is not instantaneous and is based mainly on people and not solely on finance or technology. Users of systems are people with logical, historical memory and, above all, with the criticism of the young versus the old. The projects are based on modern technologies, but mainly on human resources and its organization in efficient units and management structures.

The basic operational criteria for the design of our projects are as follows:


• Keeping pace with international standards
• Protection of investment against technological depreciation
• Minimum commitment of the customer by H / W and S / W manufacturers

In Applications:

• Uniform, friendly, graphical (GUI) environment for end users
• Cover all needs that will be recorded during the analysis phase
• Full technical documentation for easy maintenance and scalability of applications
• Detailed user manuals

Regarding Equipment and System Software:

• Minimize hardware and software needs for simplicity and reduce investment
• Uniform and state-of-the-art hardware and software technology for easier maintenance and greater ease of system expansion
• Scalability with new units added

Total Investment:

• Minimize operating costs
• Minimize maintenance costs
• Optimal service to the real needs of the customer

With regard to Support Services:

• Training users, technicians and trainers on all issues required for the smooth operation of the system
• Create a dedicated team of dedicated staff for uninterrupted customer support.

Success in development of plans (tasks) is mainly relying on the  achievements of basic technical criteria (standards) which must exist on both the  equipment and the software applications. The design criteria that EOS consider essential and will fulfill with it’s technical proposal are described below

  • Availability. Full operation of the system, whenever there is a need to use.

  • User Friendliness. Easy operation and minimal effort to prepare input data.

  • Performance. Efficient functional system and satisfactory response time.

  • Security. Security access in terms of equipment, the operating system and applications.

  • Data Integrity. Integrity and protection of stored data against errors.

  • Maintenance. Easy and low cost maintenance of all components of the project.

  • Upgradability. Ability to easily upgrade of all project’s components.

  • Portability. Applications freedom from specific equipment and system software.

  • Interoperability. Ability to exchange information between computer systems from different suppliers.