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Underground or open pit mines requires control and communication systems that apply both state-of-the-art technology and, on account of special conditions, much more systems and specialized equipment to ensure optimal, uninterrupted and reliable operation. EOS with the experience of integrated projects has specialization in the implementation of systems such as:

  • Supervisory control and data collection of main and auxiliary mining equipment (SCADA).
  • PLC systems.
  • Dewatering control systems.
  • Power distribution control applications.
  • Wireless communication and data transfer networks for underground and surface installations (VHF, UHF, WiFi, Mesh)
  • Leaky Feeder Wireless Communication Networks.
  • Underground equipment/ machines monitoring and control applications.
  • Access Control and location tracking of personnel, equipment and underground vehicles.
  • Underground environmental monitoring.
  • Conveyor belt control and fire suppression systems.
  • Fan and pump control.
  • Proximity alert systems, collision avoidance systems.
  • Emergency alerting systems.

EOS SA is an official partner and sole agent of the PBE [USA], in order to provide the world’s largest communications and security equipment, has trained staff capable of designing, implementing, commissioning and supporting specialized solutions for the mining industry.

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