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Mineral Processing is a field requiring specialization and high level of knowledge of the industry and processes, EOS SA has successfully carried out very important projects in the field of ore processing with great success in recent years, the experience and expertise of the personnel is a guarantee of the best result. EOS has the capability to implement small control systems as well as implement integrated process and production systems.

Working with the world’s leading manufacturers gives EOS the ability to provide additional specialized solutions such as:

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications.
  • PLC systems.
  • Power distribution control applications.
  • Industrial communications fiber optic networks.
  • Industrial networks (ProfibusDP, Modbus, PROFINET, IEC60780, etc).
  • Conveyor belt control and fire suppression systems.
  • Mining slurry flow measurement.
  • Mining slurry density measurement.
  • Liquid and solid level measurement.
  • Classification Optimization.
  • Measurement and 3D dynamic inventory display.
  • Relative humidity measurement of ores.

EOS, in order to provide customized solutions and products for the mining industry, is the only representative of CiDRA Mineral Processing Inc. in Greece and the Balkans, and also works with manufacturers with specialized equipment for the ore processing process.

Represents Exclusively

Cidra mineral processing INC

CiDRA is a global technology and product development company providing services which focus on slurry flow management and asset/process optimization.